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The Couponizer®
The Couponizer® is a complete set of tools designed to make saving money easy. It is made up of 18
category pockets for grocery coupons and other coupon and discount category pockets.
Customer Loyalty Sleeves
Always have access to your rewards for being a loyal customer! Place your customer loyalty cards, punch
cards and gift cards here for easy access.
Shopping List
Stay efficient! The shopping list helps to keep you on track while shopping. They have item-by-item listing
with check marks so you can go aisle-by-aisle.
Track your savings with handy list pad. adding up your savings over time will motivate you to keep saving!
A pair of scissors to carry with you for clipping coupons anytime, anywhere!
Clip & Organize in one step! This "Patent Pending" feature of the system makes organizing couponsfast and easy.
Just clip a coupon and lay it down on the category it belongs. Then after clipping, the coupons are easily
transfered to the pockets in the Couponizer booklet. The categories on the CoupStacker correspond in exact order and color with the Couponizer category pockets.
Carrying Bag
Put the coupons in The Couponizer over the weekend and keep it in the carrying bag in your car. You'll never be without your coupons again!

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