BOOK REVIEW: A mom's ultimate book of lists

There is no greater job in the entire world than being a parent. When that joyous day finally comes and that little bundle of joy makes their grand entrance, no one tells you what comes next. Sure, there are lots of nurses and doctors (and sometimes family members) sharing their expert opinions on what you are "supposed" to do, but really there is no step by step manual to tell you what comes next.

As a parent, I look back at the last eight years of my life and I think about all the struggles we have overcame and how many books I read telling me what to do and why.

As an organizer and someone who functions well from a "check list" I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to read, A Mom's Ultimate Book of Lists, by Michelle LaRowe.

This book is by far one of the handiest books I have ever read. No new mom has time to read the reason why babies cry, they just want to know how to calm them down and make them stop. A Mom's Ultimate Book of Lists is the perfect book for every new parent and what' even better is that it's "ultimately" organized!

Every good project needs a plan. Michelle starts you out with many lists on what to do when preparing for baby's arrival, trip to the hospital and specific questions you really should ask your physician. She walks each parent through the first few years arming you with valuable techniques and methods in dealing with those unexpected moments.

Throughout the book she takes on the journey of life preparing and arming you with some helpful advice and how to's.  My personal favorite is Michelle's Top 10 Tips for Time Management. All extremely valid and truly important to any parent!

1. Have a routine.
2. Be organized.
3. Have a place for everything.
4. Use a family calendar.
5. Keep a daily to-do list.
6. Delegate.
7. Learn to say no.
8. Prioritize.
9. Keep a running grocery list.
10. Plan a weekly menu.

What I really appreciated was that throughout the entire book, Michelle walks mom's through all the many challenges that require us to plan ahead and most of all be prepared. Dealing with friendships, working through family budgets and how to feed a picky eater just to name a few. There is no situation that Michelle doesn't cover. Being a parent is a demanding job and being a mom is a lifetime career. Why not arm yourself with the best book of lists!

Thanks Michelle for this powerful book!

Available January 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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